Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Davey the Three- Legged Dog

Davey the Three-Legged Dog by Ron Schaffer

About the book:
(synoposis in part from Lulu)

Davey, a three-legged dog has found two new friends-These new mates are four-legged, and are curious about Davey’s physical dissimilarity. Davey happily answers his new friends’ query that he is not so different from them at all, for he can do all the things dogs love to do (and, implicitly, shares the same interests). Davey quickly demonstrates that he can run and fish and take naps and eat with the very best of his fellow canines. His “parents” love him as well. Davey, despite having but three-legs, has a pretty fun and fulfilling life, it turns out.


A really adorable book that my kids have asked to have read to them again and again. A lovely story with a message. Very eye pleasing illustrations that just made me want to explore the whole picture on each page. Short, sweet to the point and full of fun. Wonderful book!

5 stars

*I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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