Friday, February 14, 2014

The Best Valentine's Day!

(A story by an 8 year old)

One day there was a girl named Vanessa. She lived in a mansion. Her family was going to San Diego. They were going to spend time with her Aunt and Uncle. They packed their stuff and left. They got there they kissed and hugged. They had fun. They were sleeping over at their house. Tomorrow was Valentine’s day.

That morning Vanessa ran to her mom and dad. Everybody woke up. They had their breakfast and got dressed. The Uncle was sleeping the whole time. Then they all went out. They bought stuff. They wore and played. A sister of the mom came over to their house too! They all had fun together as a family. Then the sister left ( she lived in San Diego too). Then they had to stay one more night. That morning they all had to leave. In the afternoon though. They had breakfast  and got dressed. They went shopping at the mall. They bought some more stuff. They had 30 minutes until they had to leave. They played hide and seek outside. They went to a shop and ate. They all had fun!!!
Then it was time to go and catch the plane. They all kissed and hugged again. Then they set off. When they got home and unpacked there stuff. Vanessa said” This was the best Valentine’s day ever”.

Then she had the best dream. The dream was- Vanessa was on a plane. She was going cuckoo. Then they landed and the plane wad rumbling. Then there was a fairy that helped the plane not go crazy. The fairy saved Vanessa and that was the dream. Then she told her mom about the dream. Her mom said” That is awesome!”. That morning Vanessa started writing about that Valentine’s Day she had. She only wanted to write 30 words. It went like this- One day there  was a family called the Potter family. They went to her Aunt and Uncle’s house. They played and did crazy stuff. It was fun!!!!! It was the best. Then she read it to her mom and dad. They both hugged her. She loved those 2 days.


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